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To enable you to quickly understand and make informed decisions from complex Ensemble forecasts, especially when dealing with multiple variables over multiple regions.

Our easy-to-use tool will make light work of difficult decision making, making it the perfect tool to use in weather-critical industries such as Energy Trading/production.

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Gives a complete feel for what risk/probabilities the models are suggesting and provides updates in real-time to stay ahead of the competition

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USA Patterns

A unique way of viewing ENS forecasts - categorising the weather into 37 unique patterns

Europe Patterns

A unique way of viewing ENS forecasts - catagorising the weather into 29 unique patterns


View live model data as a series of images including individual ENS members

Our Tool, In Detail

A closer look at how we can transform your predictions

and bring clarity to your forecasting

Whilst Ensemble models provide the user with a wealth of information, keeping track of what the forecast is and what it’s changing to on the latest run can often prove a significant challenge. Not least when the user requires many inputs to keep track of; wind/temperature/solar/precip are examples, but also maintain consistency across various regions, be that across Europe or the US.

Met-Set splits the chaotic weather system into 29 easy recognisable states over Europe(GWL). The concept of “Grosswetterlagen” (GWL) was developed in Germany during the 1940s and 1950s by Baur, Hess and Brezowsky. The GWLs are a classification of the daily synoptic circulation over Central Europe, based on a set of 29 patterns as defined by These have been used widely in synoptic meteorology ever since, both in forecasting and in applied research relating to synoptic climatology. For the USA, we have developed an in-house set of 37 unique weather patterns to simplify the large variation of American Weather – making it easy to spot incoming changes whilst providing clear information to assist the user in calculating what that means regarding Temperature/precip/solar/wind across a large region.

Our easy-to-read table effectively shows changes in model probability/percentages as the model runs occur. In addition to this, our unique maps show what the model displays for each pattern.

There is also a “Charts” section, this is where a number of variables can be plotted on maps of Europe and the US, including individual ENS members.

Met-Set is entirely flexible to your needs, with MetSet Europe, MetSet USA or Charts available separately with different packages available, small/medium/large depending on your weather forecasting requirements. For pricing and to discuss how we can help improve your forecasting and facilitate an informed, expedited decision making process, contact us at:


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45 day forecasts

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